Jul 25 2016

Consider Pet Health Insurance

Many times in the world of veterinary medicine, diagnosis and treatment are possible, but financial ability to pay for these are not. Some pets are even euthanized with treatable conditions because of the cost involved. If we are going to continue to be able to care for our pets and provide needed veterinary care when necessary, we are going to need to figure out a better way to help pay for this care. The time has come that we seriously consider having Veterinary Health Insurance for all our pets. It is the only practical way to budget for unexpected expenses associated with providing necessary care for our “other family members”.

Veterinary Health Insurance is similar to Dental Health Insurance. It covers a percentage of your expenses minus a pre-determined deductible. Here at Aloha Animal Medical Center we like Embrace Pet Insurance. Why? Because you set up the nose-to-tail coverage you desire and deductible to suit your monthly budget and they pay for what you expect them to pay. No fine print exceptions. They even have a Healthy Pet Deductible – a $50 credit for every healthy year of coverage and a Wellness Rewards program to help cover your pet’s routine care. They’re a friendly company where you actually speak to a live person when you call.

Don’t get caught in a situation where you can’t afford to provide needed care for your pet. Provide them with health insurance so that you don’t have to worry.
Please ask us any questions you might have regarding your pet’s needs, including their need for Pet Health Insurance.

– Dr. Erik Thompson

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